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To enable URS Certification to provide a detailed quotation, please provide as much detail as possible. Please complete one form for each office or site to be included in the certification.

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Total Number of Employees (full-and part-time) in Office/Site:
Number of Shifts:
Maximum Number of Employees on site at any one time:
Normal Number of hours for full-time Employees in a normal Working day:
Number of Employees (not including subcontractors) Performing Same or Similar Repetitive Tasks:
(e.g. 300 Eployees on sewing machines)
Number of Part-Time Employees:
Average Number of Sub-Contractors:
Are Sub-Contractors full or part-time? Full-Time
Do Sub-Contractor Perform Repetitive Tasks? Yes
Average Number of hours of Part-Time Employees (including sub-contractor) per day:
Are there any clauses of Standard that do not apply? Yes
Don’t know
If yes, please state which clause(s) (e.g. 7.3):
Number of Employees in Design/Development Department:
Is this a new application or an extension to an existing Certification? New
Is this a transfer from another Certification Body? Yes
Please specify the name of Certification Body/CB:
If there is anything else you would like to tell us or ask about?
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